The London Borough of Lewisham has established an independent inquiry to examine matters relating to a proposed Compulsory Purchase Order (“CPO”) of land at New Bermondsey/Surrey Canal.

This Inquiry will investigate allegations which have been made about the process relating to the proposed use of Lewisham Council’s compulsory purchase powers to facilitate redevelopment of the New Bermondsey/Surrey Canal area. An indicative scope was set out in a report to Lewisham’s full Council which can be accessed via Lewisham Council’s website.

The Inquiry will be led by former Master of the Rolls and Supreme Court judge, the Right Honourable Lord John Dyson. Lord Dyson will be assisted by Catherine Dobson, a barrister at 39 Essex Chambers.
Overview of the Inquiry process

The Inquiry will begin in April 2017 and will aim to report before the end of the calendar year.

The Inquiry will take place in three phases:

Phase 1: The Chairman of the Inquiry will carry out a preliminary review in order to determine the scope of the Inquiry. The Chairman of the Inquiry will then publish on this website an Opening Statement which will define the scope of the Inquiry and contain guidance for individuals and organisations who wish to make representations.

Phase 2: The Inquiry will call for evidence from individuals and organisations identified as having relevant information. There will be the opportunity for further individuals and organisations to make representations or submit material in relation to this investigation. Information on the process for submitting material will be published on this website in due course.

Phase 3: The outcome will be reported to Lewisham’s full Council and the report will be made public.

The Inquiry Report and Executive Summary have been published on 28th November 2017.

For the Executive Summary of the New Bermondsey/Surrey Canal Independent Inquiry  Report, use the following link:

New Bermondsey Inquiry Executive Summary Nov 2017

For the Report of the New Bermondsey/Surrey Canal Independent Inquiry  Report, use the following link:

New Bermondsey Inquiry Final Report November 2017

A correction to the report was issued on 1st December 2017:

At paragraph 79 of the Report, Mr Andrew Barrow is described as a “property lawyer who was acting as consultant to MFC”. By way of clarification, Mr Barrow was a practising solicitor from 1978 until 2009 when he retired from law and became a property consultant. He was acting as a property consultant to MFC, not as a legal adviser.

Paragraph 31 of the report states that MFC witnesses who attended an oral hearing had the benefit of the presence of a legal representative. This was in error. Mr Barrow attended the hearing but in the capacity of property consultant to MFC, not at as a legal adviser.

On 15th December, Lord Dyson wrote in reply to Mr John Berylson’s letter of 6th December 2017: 

New Bermondsey Inquiry Letter from Lord Dyson to Mr John Berylson 15 December 2017

To contact the New Bermondsey and Surrey Canal Independent Inquiry email: